Training Modules

Welcome to the training modules
section of the UGAIN project.

The following modules include relevant topics about starting and/or running a community garden as a project for social integration of migrants. Be aware of the skills necessary for current and future garden managers as well as the challenges in community gardens.

Before looking at the modules, here is an overview of all five training sections and a short introduction on how to use them.

Please go through this introduction carefully to gain as many skills and as much knowledge from the modules as possible. Depending on your needs as a garden manager, there are the following options for using the modules.

  • You can quickly browse through the five modules to get an overview of the content and then have a second, deeper look at the topics which you really need to know.
  • You can go through all the modules step by step, as the content has been compiled from the main challenges and topics identified during the UGAIN project and, therefore, a broad range of important knowledge is provided. Not everything will be relevant to your current situation – but maybe it will be in the future.
  • You can go through the modules on your own or do it in a group and exchange your findings or opinions about the information provided.

We selected the topics and created the training modules so that they can be used by garden managers all over Europe so they can provide as much benefit to a variety of readers as possible. The training modules will gives a wide range of general information about managing community and intercultural gardens with all the organisational, cultural and interpersonal challenges, as well as some specific aspects. We recommend you study the courses intensively and not rush through them.

To make it easier for garden managers to work with the modules, all five units follow the same structure. After starting one of the modules, a left-sided simple menu structure is a guides through the contents.

  • The Introduction gives you a brief overview on the module’s main topics, gained knowledge, learned skills and appropriate attitudes when dealing with this training module.
  • Module contents shows the specific chapters of the training content. Browse one of the four chapters or follow the order of the sub-topics.
  • Reflections and self-assessment uses a short quiz to repeat the knowledge learned in the chapters or use questions of reflection to better relate the contents of the module to your own project or situation.
  • References & Links: This section provides a selection of literature and interesting links for further reading on the particular topics of the module.

The use of the modules is facilitated by an intuitive menu navigation. Due to a the large number of direct in-module links, it is possible to quickly switch to the other modules or to other relevant sites on the Learning Platform. The knowledge gained from the five training modules can be supplemented very well with the country-specific information of the Country Information Guide.

Have fun browsing through the training modules!!