Country information guide

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«The guide is a useful set of resources which can be used by the garden manager to help migrants recently arrived in their new country. Find lots of information that will help you make newcomers feel at home and part of their community!»

The main objective of this guide, developed by UGAIN project partners, is to provide the manager of an intercultural garden, NGOs, associations, and anyone who is interested, with existing resources for the attention of the collective population of immigrants who come to our countries in search of new opportunities, trying to promote their full integration into society.

European citizens face a never before seen migration challenge of unheard of dimensions and complexity, so this manual is intended to serve as a reference when facilitating the social integration of these individuals. In many cases, ignorance of the existing resource portfolio causes us to miss opportunities in guiding and assisting the population of immigrants, who, especially at the beginning of their migration journey, need guidance focused on solving their problems.

We have divided the manual into seven parts with an appendix, each section responding to the specific and general needs of daily life in Europe, with the corresponding resources available. Due to the wide variety and complexity of the cases to be dealt with, each partner of the UGAIN project has developed the guide according to the regulations and characteristics of the host country, following a common pattern to be able to offer a complete and useful manual, which has not been created with the intention of being exhaustive or solving all the doubts that may arise within an interculture garden, but offering general and reference information where we can support the professionals of the sector in case of need.

Finally, emphasizing the hope in which this guide is derived, the result of years of work by the participating partners, with strong social character and in the hope of supporting those dreams that often stay along the way, so that one day they can become reality.

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