Explore the world of traditional woodworking. From tree to an useable product.

Description of the activity

An expert volunteer wood worker supports people to learn traditional woodland crafts and techniques using equipment like a pole lathe, shave horse etc. Working the wood from tree state into a useable product.


Experience in woodwork, familiarity with woodland environment and skill in handling the related tools and equipment. Teaching, risk management (esp. with knives).

Steps for the implementation of the activity

Agree dates with tutor

Agree format, such as drop in or booked in advance

Advertise in the appropriate manner depending on the type of sessions it is

Ensure the work space is clear and ready

Welcome people and support during the session

Materials and methods

Anyone who wishes to participate can contribute to the activities.

Defined covered area with three pole lathes and one shave horse.

Materials and human resources:
Trees or a supply of timber, tools, 1 session leader, 1 person doing support and coordination.

Full day course would require teaching and preparation time for the tutor, plus publicity of 2 hours, plus half a day preparation and support.

Learning outcomes for the participants

Knowledge of different trees and timber, using different tools and equipment with traditional methods, historical context of the craft, usage of traditional woodland management skills. Using tools helps instil trust in participants, and helps them improve self-confidence as they learn new skills and work with others in the group. The activity will also help speakers of other languages improve their English skills as they learn new words for the activity and the associated tools.