Explore the world of pottery.

Description of the activity

An expert volunteer or paid potter supports people to try throwing pots using traditional foot powered momentum wheels. The activity is carried out as and when the tutor has time available, or when there is funding available to pay them. The number of people who take part in the activity varies depending on how many people are present on the day. There are three potting wheels so only three people can take part at any one time, but others sometimes observe.

There are no challenges or threats in implementing and achieving the objectives of the activity other than the availability of the tutor. The activity is coordinated by the project coordinator.

One can learn that people enjoy learning traditional crafts from implementing this activity.


The tutor requires pottery experience, teaching knowledge and experience, a patient open and friendly attitude, a non-judgmental and encouraging manner, enthusiasm and a passion to convey the skills.

The coordinator requires local contacts and strong networks, good organisational skills and a good understanding of the needs of local refugees and asylum seekers.

Steps for the implementation of the activity

Agree dates with tutor

Agree format, such as drop in or booked in advance

Advertise in the appropriate manner depending on the type of sessions it is

Ensure the studio space is clear and ready

Welcome people and support during the session

Materials and methods

Anyone who wishes to participate can contribute to the activities.

Pottery studio space, with equipment and ideally power.

Materials and human resources:
Clay, tools, kiln, 1 tutor, 1 person marketing/coordinating/promoting.

2 1hr sessions per day, or full day session teaching. Publicity 2 hrs, plus half a day preparation and support.

£150 per day + overheads + materials.

Learning outcomes for the participants

Learning the history of pottery, practical skills with different techniques such as throwing, coiling etc. Depending on the participant some people may also experience increases in things like self-confidence and an interest in practical skills and crafts.