Intercultural garden choir


Singing together in a garden choir. Integration and empowerment through playful activities.

Description of the activity

This activity is organised by the municipality of Santander. All the gardeners who have a plot in the network of ecological gardens of the town hall can join this activity. The initiative was begun in 2015 as a spontaneous activity of the gardeners themselves. Currently between 15 and 20 gardeners participate in the rehearsals and between 12 and 15 gardeners in the different performances throughout the year. The rehearsals are carried out 2 days a week on Monday afternoons in a civic centre and on Friday mornings in the environmental centre Los Viveros, it takes approximately two hours each session. In addition, there are also performances and events organised by the town hall including Christmas and Easter, concerts in public centres, residences and associations. The choir is a fundamental part of the annual harvest festival held every year between August and September where the same space is shared with all the gardeners of the municipal network of urban gardens and dishes prepared by gardeners with products from the gardens as well as workshops, tastings, etc. are offered.

Competences and training needed

It is necessary for the presence of a gardener with musical knowledge that can be responsible for carrying out the activity. He/she must have leadership skills, the ability to transmit values through the music and the ability to motivate the other gardeners. They also value skills such as: being a good communicator, disseminator and knowledge of social networks.

Steps for the implementation of the activity

The possibility of participating in this activity is announced with posters displayed in the various gardens of the network. The poster mentions the benefits of engaging in music.

Registrations are received, but it is important to highlight that the activity is open to all gardeners and it is not necessary to have a vocation or previous musical knowledge.

A test is made with the director to adapt the gardener to the position in the choir depending on his tone and characteristics of the voice.

Materials and methods

The necessary materials are those related to music such as sheet music and sometimes a musical instrument.

To develop this activity, only a covered space for rehearsals is needed.

Materials and human resources:
TIt is necessary to have a gardener with musical knowledge who will perform the functions of director and coordinator of the activity. In the case of the study, there is also the presence of a gardener organist. They can use an organ and Christmas musical instruments brought by the gardeners themselves. They wear white shirts and black trousers for the performances. A A photocopier is needed for photocopies for sheet music.

Two rehearsals lasting 2 hours each are carried out throughout the week. Additionally, they spend time going to concerts or to perform their own concerts during harvest parties.

The costs to develop this activity are the clothes (white shirt and black pants in case there will be concerts), costs of photocopies and the cost of transportation to concerts.

Learning outcomes for the participants

Different learning can be acquired with this type of activity: socialisation, cooperation, collaboration between partners, are the basis of work in the garden and can be acquired and enhanced by participating in this activity. Knowledge about other places in the region is also fostered and integration through fun activities. The benefits are also the chance to exchange experiences, show commitment and actively participate. The group gains a sense of ease and self-confidence.