Global talents offers a studio to people who want to develop their skills and create their own small crafts enterprises.

Description of the activity

Global Talents is a new activity in the Garden of Encounter. An indoor studio enables people (talents) to work on their skills, develop products, arrange exhibitions and eventually sell their products. The studio can be used by a talent for half of a year for free. After this time the next talent gets chosen in regular project meetings. The talents receive a small amount of funding to buy raw material but do not get further payment. The idea is to open up space for continuous work regarding the interests of the talents and keeps them connected with their skills, which otherwise would not be seen and may act as a potential to isolate them. The studio is an old house on the gardens property that has been renovated for this reason. Areas of work can range from sewing, baking or up-cycling projects. The aim is also to show locals skills and qualities from other cultures that might not be known here.

Competences and training needed

- Competences and resources to organise a studio.

- Competences in selecting talents and look after them.

- It can be an obstacle that people show their skills in public because they do not feel comfortable or at home in their new country.

- The organising team has to have an ability to step back. Not all people are suitable to work with and on their skills. Some immediately take their chance and work on their products others are physically or psychologically not fit for this activity. The selection process of the talents can be challenging and might lead to failure.

- People from other cultures might have other approaches to work. Preparatory work or work to develop a branding can be unfamiliar where as work on demand is the normal case.

- Group discussions can be difficult. Locals tend to talk more than migrants. Look out for the balance, listen to what they want to do and be open to it.

- Having patience. It takes time for commitment to their work to develop but this is a very important process.

Steps for the implementation of the activity

Seek cooperation with the municipality

Look for talents. Check if people are able and motivated to work on their products with the help of translation

Collect grants/funds for supporting the talents and the arranging of a studio

Arrange a studio depending on the needs of the talents

Select talents

Support with public relation

Exhibition/selling of products

Materials and methods

- Room / studio - Facility for their needs (kitchen, tools)

Materials and human resources:
- Materials for the talents (wood, wool, tools,) - Motivated talents - Capacity for organising the activity

Time/Workload: 2 days per event
Beside the renovation/adaptation of the studio this activity takes about 5h per month for the organisation in the garden meetings.

- Renovation and adaptation of a space - Running costs for materials

Learning outcomes for the participants

- Participants get in contact with their talents

- They can establish self-esteem about their talents

- Experience the value of ones culture and skills

- Develop courage to share ones talents

- Get used to a work routine

- Develop a branding / label for future jobs